Speedy Gonzale Danti's family

In lake Garda's beautiful frame, we offer you the chance to reserve our boats for groups or private people, departure times and routes to be established (minimum 25 people).

Discounts for groups of minimum 30 people.
Our family company can give you two yellow boats, called Speedy I° and Speedy II°, each is able to contain 100 people, 50 people inside and 50 people outside.

Speedy Gonzale I - SPEEDY GONZALE RIVA DEL GARDA: escursioni giornaliere sul Lago di Garda

Photo gallery

We present you a Lake Garda photo gallery in all its splendour.
Lake Garda's weather is mild and temperate,so it is considered one of the perfect places for Mediterranean plants and trees,like olive trees and lemon plants and it is particularly appreciated from north European people a touristy place.


18/03/2014 - New website is online

SPEEDY GONZALE RIVA DEL GARDA: escursioni giornaliere sul Lago di Garda
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Excursions - times

1° itinerary:

Riva (Torbole) - Limone - Riva (Torbole)
Duration: 2h e 30 min about (including stop)

2° itinerary:

Riva(Torbole) - Malcesine - Riva(Torbole)
Duration: 3h about (including stop)

3° itinerary:

Riva(Torbole) - Limone - Malcesine - Riva(Torbole)
Duration: 4h e 30 min about (including stop)

4° itinerary:

Riva - Limone - Malcesine one way
Duration: 2h e 30 min about (including stop)

5° itinerary:

Riva(Torbole) - Garda - Riva(Torbole)
Duration:6h about (including stop)

6° itinerary:

Riva(Torbole) - Limone - Isola del Garda - Sirmione
- Malcesine - Riva(Torbole)
Duration: morning + afternoon

Click here for more informations about itineraries
* night excursions from May to September

Info & bookings

(+39) 329 3570047
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